Rusticana Restaurant Pizzeria MOD
grill and steaks

grill and steaks

grill & pan
„Oberdorfer“ pan 19,90 €
Pork fillet on Kässpätzle, with gravy
A, D, G, K, J
gourmet-pan 22,90 €
Medallions of pork, beef and turkey, sausages, grilled bacon, spaetzle, with gravy
A, D, G, J / 2, 3
hearty farmer’s feast 18,90 €
with pork and beef, fried potatoes, onions, bacon, mushrooms and
hearty gravy
Allgäuer Kässpätzle 14,90 €
with melted onions and side salad
A, D, J, K
juicy steaks
roast-beef with onions 24,90 €
with fresh melted onions and cheese spaetzle, with hearty gravy
D, G, J
roast-beef „Surf & Turf“ 25,90 €
with 2 king prawns, potatoes and market-fresh vegetables, with hearty gravy
C, D, J
sliced beef 19,90 €
with fried potatoes, mushrooms, onions and old sherry

D, G, J
grilled turkey steak 17,90 €
with french fries, salad and herb-butter
G, J, K