Rusticana Restaurant Pizzeria MOD
soups – starters

soups – starters

soups / starters
tomato soup 4,90 €
with fresh herbs and cream topping
J / 6, 15
large mixed salad 9,90 €
seasonal salads, with house dressing

A, G, J, K
tomato-mozzarella 9,90 €
buffalo-mozzarella, balsamic vinegar and arugula
A, G, J, K
„Oberdorfer salad 11,90 €
Seasonal salads with shepherd’s cheese, olives, pepperoni, peppers and onions

A, G, J, K
sportsman’s salad 14,90 €
seasonal salads with turkey meat, served with house dressing
A, G, J, K
mediterranean shrimps-pan 17,90 €
(6 pieces) with vegetables, fresh herbs, chili and garlic
C, G, J
salad „Rusticana“ 12,90 €
Seasonal salads with Parma ham, salami, olives, pepperoni and Grana Padano

A, G, J, K / 2
Salad „Nice“ 12,90 €
seasonal salads with tuna, red onions and olives

A, G, J, K
We serve a bread basket with the salads